Conquer the Mountain – 50hr Race

Are you ready to take on the Conquer the Mountain 50 Hour Expedition Race?  This is an exciting Intermediate to an advanced-level adventure race. This is the most challenging Rev3 Endurance adventure race. To get the race belt buckle medal you have to clear the  Conquer the Mountain race course!!!  We have a great course designed for you to run, bike, paddle, and navigate your way around in an awesome area of the Shenandoah Valley. In this race, we will be adopting an Eco Challenge format.  This is a point-to-point race where the teams will go through four to five transition areas to resupply.  Elite teams could clear this course in 30 hours.  We are giving all teams the opportunity to clear the course in the Eco-Challenge format.  There will be cutoffs along the course that the teams need to clear to stay official in the race.  This is an endurance event designed for the weekend warriors to push themselves and use teamwork strategies to motivate their team members to push to finish the race.

The event is being limited to 50 teams of either 2 or 4 members.  We are working with Remedy Studios to give an overview of Expedition Adventure Racing for the weekend adventurer.  We will be using GPX tracking to allow family and friends to follow teams online. The race will consist of road biking, gravel biking, and mountain biking on some nice trail systems. The paddling section will consist of over 40 miles of river paddling in canoes and racers will need to transport their bikes in their canoes.  We may be lucky enough to have a few small whitewater sections in the race.  The trekking will consist of a few different types of trails and off-trail checkpoints for racers to find.  The total distance of the course will be 120 – 150 miles and 20 – 40 checkpoints along the course for teams to find.  Lots of route options to get to the different transition areas to resupply and access to several towns along the route.

Are you and your team members up for this mini eco-challenge format event?


May 14 2023


All Day


Bryce Four Season Resort



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