SEA to SEA 3 day Adventure Race

We attempted this last year but COVID had other plans. For those of you ready to step up your Adventure Racing to the Expedition level, this is a great place to start: domestic, only 3 days, and Florida is not the Rockies.

The Sea to Sea Expedition Race across Florida is the largest attended Expedition Race in America and is non-stop for 72 hours from the West Coast to the East Coast of Florida. Teams will be dropped off at a secret location on the West Coast where they will fill half their sand bottles to then race on foot, mountain bike, and canoe across Florida to then fill the other half of the sand bottle at the finish in beautiful St. Augustine. There are up to 6 transition areas and 72 checkpoints to retrieve during the journey. Official finishers are only required to visit all the transition areas from the start to the finish line. All checkpoints are optional, however, teams are ranked by how checkpoints they retrieve and the time they finished. Starts out as a race and becomes a life-changing event.

Price increases August 1, 2021


Feb 23 - 27 2022


12:00 pm - 12:00 pm

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Fort Island Beach
16000 W Fort Island Trail · Crystal River, FL


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